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Find a partner

Please use this page to find a partner for our seminars and workshops! 

We wish you good luck in finding a partner, and we hope to see you soon!

To email one of the dancers in the list below, please click on their name.

Dancers looking for a partner

Bernard LE MELLEC (M), leader, 5 years of experience, 64 years old, 174 cm tall.

"I would like to participate in the Vals Seminar 31 in Basel on 15th to 18th November. And I am looking for a partner!  I speak French and English. Thanks a lot!"

Susanne (F), follower, 4 years of experience, 54 years old, 184 cm tall.

"I would like to register for focus seminar 5. Languages: german, english, italian."

Gabriel (M), leader, 10 years of experience, 51 years old, 165 cm tall.

"I am looking for an advanced and experieced lady for focus seminar 3."

Paolo Barberini (M), leader, 2 years of experience, 45 years old, 188 cm tall.

"I never dance other kind of dance; I dance since 2 years Tango only every day.
I speak only Italian language.
I'm interesting to participate to all seminars.
I dance because I love Tango, and I'm really ambitious to learn it perfectly."

Susanne v. Scheven (F), leader, 6 years of experience, 54 years old, 170 cm tall.

"Hi, i would like to join "focus seminar 3" in march. i speak german english and a little bit french..."

Marielle (F), follower, 10 years of experience, 56 years old, 165 cm tall. 

"Je parle surtout français. 
J'habite assez près de Bâle.
Et je souhaite suivre les " focus séminar" : l'un, ou l'autre, ou presque tous …"

LEAH (F), follower, 4 years of experience, 34 years old, 168 cm tall.

"I would love to participate in the Immersion Seminar 27 and am looking for a leader. I have danced Tango for a few years but rather unregularly due to work related travels but have intensified dancing in the last 1.5 years. In the past I was also dancing ballet, ballroom and some salsa.
I would consider myself an open-minded easy going person. I am eager to learn and ambitious but am also looking for joy.
It would be wonderful to find a leader who shares the above!
I am dancing in 8cm heels (and sometimes 7cm or flats).
I speak German, English and some French.
Send me a message should you be interested to join me for the seminar or any other class by M&J!

Johannes (M), leader, 5 years of experience, 62 years old, 184 cm tall.

"I am looking for an ambitious partner for Immersion and other workshops.  Languages: Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español."

SERENA (F), follower, 2 years of experience, 35 years old, 165 cm tall.

"Hi. I am Serena.  I am Korean. I am living in Paris. If I find a seminar partner, I want to participate. I can speak English, but not well. Please contact me. Whatsapp:+821086262809."

Dimitrios (M), leader, 1 year of experience, 31 years old, 177 cm tall. 

"I started tango in October 2016. My teacher considers me already an intermediate and due to that she suggested I should do lessons with the intermediate class as well, instead of only beginners. I'd love to have a partner, not only "for fun", but with the main goal of improving ourselves. I'm half Greek and half Brazilian, born in Brazil and live in Greece for the past 13 years. I speak Greek, Portuguese, English a little bit of Spanish. Leave a message and let me know if you're interested in being my lovely follower :)"


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tango argentino

tango argentino

Every collaboration forms a chemistry between the people involved that can’t be remade – it only exists for that moment.
— Wendy Whelan